Built on fundamental analysis.

Powered by artificial intelligence.

Open to all investors.

JENOVA is an AI system built to automate the discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation process used by hedge funds and institutional investors.

The discounted cash flow (DCF) model is the most theoretically accurate approach to stock valuation.

However, the DCF valuation process is highly technical and therefore can only be utilized effectively and at scale by hedge funds and institutional investors.

JENOVA democratizes the DCF model by automating its end-to-end processes and making its insights accessible to all investors.


JENOVA rating: quantitative measure of a stock's future expected growth potential.

JENOVA rating is a quantitative score that integrates a stock's intrinsic value (calculated by the DCF model) and current price to reflect the stock's future expected growth potential.  

The higher a stock's rating, the higher probability that the stock will experience greater price appreciation versus stocks with lower ratings.


Investors and Partners


"I have been using JENOVA for approximately 3 months and find the system informative, most effective, and have obtained above average investment results from the ratings. I have previously paid out large monthly sums for other investment data services and find JENOVA to be superior to the other ones I have used so far."

– Registered Investment Advisor ($20 million assets under management)

Why use JENOVA?


How to efficiently generate new investment ideas?

Reduce screening time and increase probability of identifying alpha-generating ideas by using JENOVA ratings.


How to objectively validate current investment theses?

Cross-check investment theses with JENOVA ratings for supplementary and unbiased validation.


How to optimally diversify non-core investment portfolios?

Allocate non-core portfolio into custom baskets of JENOVA-rated stocks to achieve diversification + potential alpha generation.

The above are for illustrative purposes only. JENOVA does not provide or assist in providing any of these services.

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1. For informational purposes only to demonstrate JENOVA ratings results. Total return of JENOVA Top 10% Rating Stocks is simulated using Investopedia Stock Simulator based on an initial capital of $1 million beginning from June 1, 2020. JENOVA Top 10% Rating Stocks is an equal-weighted basket of stocks consisting of the top 10% JENOVA-rated stocks (80 – 90 stocks on average, each stock has a minimum $1 billion market capitalization) as of each quarter-end rebalancing date. Trades are executed using market order with no commissions. S&P 500 Total Return Index represents the gross returns of the S&P 500 index with gross dividends reinvested.  Past performance is not indicative of future results. This chart does not constitute investment advice. You should consult your investment and tax advisors before making any investment decision.